Santa Maria di Leuca

Santa Maria di Leuca (Lèviche in Salento dialect, Λευκά in greek) is a village in the municipality of Castrignano del Capo, in the province of Lecce. Renowned tourist destination, is the southernmost foothills of the ideal vertices of the Salento. It is the town to the south of the province, a meeting point between the Ionian Sea and the Adriatic Sea; is 86.7 kilometers from its capital, if it is reached via Highway 274 South Salento which continues in S. S. 101, or 72.6 kilometers along the State Road 275 Santa Maria di Leuca that continues in S. S. 16.

Leuca is unique, characterized by villas with historical gardens, a marina and a clear blue sea surrounded by caves and coves can be visited using guided tours of the place.

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